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Apples and Oranges – A Comparison

Taken from the title of a recently published research paper, this comparison will make you stop, think, and then stop again.  For instance, if apples and oranges are actually very similar, then maybe I can stop putting up signs pointed at my neighbor’s house saying “I am not home, please steal my stuff” and “Mr. Dickbag’s House”.  Maybe we’re similar, too.

Currently Brewing: Panama La Berlina

The past few months I’ve been able to enjoy this really stunning coffee.  As always I get the greens from Sweet Maria’s where Tom gives the following notes on this coffee:

A classic old-growth Typica varietal coffee with malt and caramel fragrance, cherry blossom hints, savory flavors with mild chocolate, toffee and praline.  A balanced cup.

This is one time where it’s all true.  I have absolutely loved this coffee.  Whenever I switch from my Kenyan that I’m roasting back to the Panama I fall in love all over again.  It’s really the type of coffee that coats your mouth with a very sweet toffee.  Really great.

However, and I know this is a surprise to everyone, I am not perfect.  In fact, the past few times I’ve tried to brew this coffee I over extracted.  Yikes.  How embarrassing.  It’s not the end of the world, but it just tasted a bit too bitter, and the acidity was off the charts.  See, it’s hard to tell just by looking, but I can definitely tell by taste.

In any case, this Panama has got me loving Central American coffees again.

Amazon Kindle Touch – $99

This is just what I was waiting for.  This Is My Next has a very brief hands on demo worth checking out.

Revelation 5:5

John is weeping.  I would usually call someone a pansy for that, but John was no pansy.  See, he was in prison and still being full-up manly about it.  Even writing to encourage others.  Crazy manly.

So John the not-pansy was weeping because no one could be found to open the scroll and its seven seals.  Oh, I should mention that he’s “in the spirit” (meaning as I understand it dreaming but really guided by the Holy Spirit to reveal a prophecy) and sees this scroll in God’s very hand that no one can be found to read.  Later on we find that this scroll contains all the judgments that are to come when God makes the world new, sometimes called the tribulation.  So, John is weeping because no one can open it.

Finally we come to my point.  I believe that maybe this scroll was so obviously not just a scroll, but that the entirety of human existence depended on that scroll being read.  If that scroll stayed sealed, then God’s judgment would be stopped up and the world would never know its Maker like it is designed to.  Why would we exist in that scenario.

Then Revalation 5:5.  Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Rood of David, has conquered, so that he can open the scroll and its seven seals.  In the infinite scale, God’s purposes will not be thwarted.  Glory to God!


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