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Professor Brothers at SXSW

Just ran across the transcript of John Gruber and Merlin Mann‘s talk at the SXSW conference. After reading it for just a few minutes I couldn’t help but hear the voices of the Professor Brothers‘s Steve and Frank in my head. I’ll let you figure out for youself which is which by reading.


John is Steve and Merlin is Frank ok there i said it.

More Conflickr Casualties

This time is the coder’s favorite TheDailyWTF. It seems that Conflickr has infected the minds of those running it, and they’ve turned the entire site into a Twitter stream. Now THAT’S the new Web 3.0, baby.

Also, I have to say to the guys running TheDailyWTF congrats on the funding. I’ve always thought of milking the nearly dozens of readers of GrandLarseny for some serious dough like that. Any way you think I could sell out?

April Fool’s Day

Gizmodo is infected with the Conflickr worm, which has led to hilarious results.

Furniture Monica Would Like

Ran across more furniture ideas. Because our home so far is 1) beautiful and 2) a realization of Monica’s vision for a home, we have a policy that all furniture with a hope of becoming a part of our house must first be approved by Monica. It keeps things looking good.

I’m pretty sure these are approved. They’re by the design firm Pal + Smith, who seem way to snooty to sell to the likes of me. They can’t stop me from looking and getting ideas, though.


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