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The Sweetest Apple

Today was big. Without a day as big as this, the simple apple I ate would not be nearly as sweet, but first you need to understand today. I like to think I’ve worked hard in my life. I wrestled in high school, pushing my body beyond what I thought were my limits. I’ve ran with the only goal being to pass out so I didn’t have to run any more. Does that make me a whiny emo dork? Yes, but the point remains that I know hard work, in brief flashes.

Today was different. Today was big. I worked really hard from ten in the morning to after seven at night, with only 20 minutes for lunch in between. This is the first time I’ve really exerted myself for nine hours straight, and I don’t think I’ll forget this experience.

There came a point late in the day when I hit the wall, so to speak. My body was done, and I realized that I had no energy left to burn. That’s when Monica saved my day, and acted as God’s agent, I truly believe, when she brought me apples and peanut butter.

Friend, I had the best food of my life, nourishing my spirits along with my body. I know it sounds hokey, but it’s actually pretty realistic in that the energy released by the snack did alter my mood through altering the chemicals in my brain.

The apples were sweet and moist, just enough to quench my thirst and concentrate all my senses on the pleasure of the moment. The peanut butter stuck in my mouth, giving me the feeling that I was eating more than just an apple, I was eating a whole meal. I’ve had the honor to eat in some of the world’s great places, but I have never had a better experience than this afternoon with apples and peanut butter.

This never would have happened any other day; it took the prolonged work to lead me to the point where I really appreciated God’s gift to me. And, brother, it was good.

Online Owner’s Manuals

Great googly moogly, I get so fed up trying to find owner’s manuals when I really need them. I mean, honestly, if I kept the owner’s manual for every gadget I buy, I’d probably have to, like, file them away. It probably wouldn’t take too much space, thinking about it. Just a small filing cabnet would do.

But I don’t! I always think, “Well, I can always find it online.”  Wrong!  Wronger! Wrongest!

You have be a Google-fu master just to find a blurry, tiny scan of the owner’s manual you are looking for most of the time.  Thankfully I just found out about  While I’m sure they don’t have every single manual ever made, they do have thousands which is a good starting point. 

This post is more for myself in the future, when I’ll need to access owner’s manuals again. Because why should I store the darn things when it’s all online.

Buy Forever Stamps Soon

Stamp prices are expected to rise again on May 11. It’s been hard to keep up with the litany of stamp price increases lately, which is why the post office offers the Forever Stamps that will always cover the postage for first class letters.  Forever Stamps cost the same as first class stamps online at $8.40 for a book, making them my new default stamp selection. 

You know, for my frequent post office stamp purchases.

The Disbarment of Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson was permanently disbarred a while ago, but I wanted to have a reference to some of the court transcripts from the hearings for my own reference.  Jack is a very interesting case to me.  He has the right motive, but executes in way the wrong way.  For those who don’t know, Jack has been an outspoken critic of video games, especially violent video games, prosecuting cases where many people thought the link to video games was tenuous at best.

His tactics, however, were far from Christian (or even humane).  He inserted pornography as evidence into cases that it had nothing to do with, would harass by letters and emails his “enemies,” and knowingly lie.  But, still, the idea of keeping violent video games out of children’s hands is something that absolutely everyone believes in, especially those who play video games often.  Even with a white knight agenda, hate and rhetoric are his legacy.   Behold the case of the proud, violent man.


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