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Hardhearted Marriage

The Supreme Court handed down a verdict today that, basically, gives homosexual folks the constitutional right to marry. This is historic.

It’s great to see others feel more human, to feel the intrinsic worth they were imbued with. God loves all people, and to feel closer to how God made you is justice. Feeling equal is significant.

I still must act like a Christian. Lust is sin. Divorce is sin. Physically loving someone of the same gender is sin. To say that same sex romance is just fine is a lukewarm waterfall. It’s not loving because I genuinely believe that our actions have consequences that can be avoided, and I genuinely believe those consequences come from a loving and perfect God.

But, what of the state? Does the state legally allowing an act constitute an approval of that act? No.

Was it not Jesus who said that Moses allowed the Israelites certificates of divorce because of the hardness of their hearts? Israel law was not approving of the act of divorce, not even morally, but it was recognizing what was happening because of the hardness of the nations heart. We can see this for ourselves now. Our nation has hardened its heart and we now need same sex marriage. This is not morally good, but it is necessary and with Biblical precedent.

So, it appears that this is the correct direction for our country.

Ultimately, though, this is all a distraction if we don’t talk about what Jesus and the Bible care about. What believer should really care about. It is the kingdom of God. The kingdom that Jesus speaks about. That kingdom will last, and that kingdom needs the focus.

Jesus came to seek and to save those who have sinned. He paid the ultimate consequence for our sin through His righteousness, and is the foundation of the new kingdom. We can pass whatever laws we want, but they will all pass away. There is only one true kingdom.

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