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Erhem, So, Actually…

Time to get your nerd on like Donkey Kong. Or something like that.

I’ve keeping up to date on the most excellent Bitter Press blog as Jesse has been fleshing out his new format. Pretty interesting for those who don’t know; he’s decided to only have one post at a time but with a post that is very weighty and informative. It makes the whole operation feel relevant and fleeting.

The latest post has my inner nerd both applauding and desiring a little clarification. I love how he’s embracing the scientific understanding of coffee extraction. But there are both variables that I think he overlooks and terms that I feel need to be redefined.

First, he does not take the level of roast into account in his extraction equation. While I cannot link to any sources on this, a darker roast will extract quicker. This is because the grounds are less dense than a lighter roast which allows for quicker saturation. Again, this may be BS, but my own empirical experience backs this theory up.

Second, pressure speeds extraction in ways that I don’t fully understand. I know that at the nine bars of pressure in espresso extraction the insoluble oils are emulsified into the beverage, but even at less pressure the extraction profile changes. An Aeropress is different than a pour-over and I really believe that the added pressure is a factor.

Third, he does not take account how long off the roast the coffee is. Granted this is not terribly important past a day or two, but it is very important for the home roaster.

Last, the importance of agitation is the movement of water over the surface of the coffee. Of course, if you agitate a brew after it has steeped a while it will mix the less saturated water in with the more, but that is less important than the movement of the water. Of course, his point still stands that agitation is a great extraction enhancer and should be used with caution.

If nothing else, I really hope everyone who reads this immediately reads everything they can from Jesse. Good writing is a pleasure to read and good writing about coffee is my favorite.

Bedtime Grace

I should be asleep now, but I need to record this. I mean, I will be waking up in seven hours and instead of being in bed I’m typing at my computer. What, seven hours doesn’t seem like a lot to you? Congratulations, dawg, you need less sleep than me. Get off your high horse. I mean, not sleeping much isn’t something to brag about anyway, so I don’t know why you even do it. You just make yourself look small.

Anyway. This wasn’t meant to be a funny post, but I like to make myself smile.

So I was just checking on Mae as is my wont before bed when it occurred to me, I love her so much I don’t want my sins to cause her any harm, so I started praying. I prayed that God would protect her from my sin, but the Spirit moved within me causing me to question whether that was a good thing to ask. How could God protect her from my sin? God does not remove the physical consequences of sin even though they are taken on by Jesus at the cross. The here-and-now consequences of anorexia cannot be avoided.

When I realized that He couldn’t protect her from the consequences of my sin I realized he would have to just totally keep me from sinning in a way that affects her. This is, of course, just another way of asking God to keep me from sinning at all. To keep me from sinning He would either have to take away my freedom to sin, which He does not do, or take away my life, which he does not want to do right now. So we’re left with the situation where I will cause my daughter harm in the future because of my sin. This makes me sad.

But, glory to God, He loves my daughter even more than I. The solution is not to remove my freedom or my life, but to add God’s redemption into our lives. We need God. It is His redemption that takes my sin and bring His own glory. He loves my daughter so much that He will intervene in her life, if she asks, so that my sin will work for her good.

So, I pray again that she will seek God. That he will love her and change her heart to love him. And although I will sin against God and her, I pray that God forgive my sin and show His grace in our relationship, a dirty, dim mirror of the way He wants His family to be.


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