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Currently Brewing: Panama La Berlina

The past few months I’ve been able to enjoy this really stunning coffee.  As always I get the greens from Sweet Maria’s where Tom gives the following notes on this coffee:

A classic old-growth Typica varietal coffee with malt and caramel fragrance, cherry blossom hints, savory flavors with mild chocolate, toffee and praline.  A balanced cup.

This is one time where it’s all true.  I have absolutely loved this coffee.  Whenever I switch from my Kenyan that I’m roasting back to the Panama I fall in love all over again.  It’s really the type of coffee that coats your mouth with a very sweet toffee.  Really great.

However, and I know this is a surprise to everyone, I am not perfect.  In fact, the past few times I’ve tried to brew this coffee I over extracted.  Yikes.  How embarrassing.  It’s not the end of the world, but it just tasted a bit too bitter, and the acidity was off the charts.  See, it’s hard to tell just by looking, but I can definitely tell by taste.

In any case, this Panama has got me loving Central American coffees again.

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