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1.0 Is the Loneliest

Usage is like oxygen for ideas.

via Matt Mullenweg.

Now that BrewControl has launched I’m able to think about how to optimize the way I release software.  I think this quote is incredibly valuable.  You probably don’t have to be in my shoes to understand why.

When you develop a product, you can become so insulated from the outside world in how you view that product.  You are invested in the small details, because you want to get the small details right, because that’s how great products are made.  Since our brain doesn’t see all levels at once we will miss the big picture of how the thing is working if we know the dozen little details that must be addressed.  We can’t do both.

Getting people who want to use the product to use it is oxygen.  It breathes life into a project.  It makes you happier to work on it and it helps the project grow in the right direction.  The sooner my project gets oxygen the sooner it transforms from great to really great.

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