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Farms for Computers?

One of the things I really love about how we roll at work are server farms.  I love that term, “server farm.”  It’s very silly.  All it means is several servers that are meant to work together.  Just another way of thinking about computers.  You could have one computer in Texas, another in New Jersey, and another in Ontario setup to be a server farm.  It wouldn’t be very good (the distance between servers would make the performance poor), but it could easily be a fully functioning server farm.

The way we do server farms, however, is very different.  We just use one server and call it a “farm.”  That sounds even sillier.  How can one computer be like four computers?  Well, easy.  You just have four computer’s worth of processors, four computer’s worth of disks, and four computer’s worth of memory in one physical case.  You end up with one very beefy machine that you can optimize just like a many individual computers.  Pretty cool.

Well, at least I think it’s cool.

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