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Dogs in a Run

The atmosphere between myself and my co-workers can be a bit like dogs in a run at times. We find a juicy morsel of a project and get a bit paranoid and territorial protecting it. There might be a few reasons that make this happen, but it stinks.

We need to act like dogs on a run, instead of in one. Dogs working together to pull the project to its destination.

I need to trust my team, be eager to accept help, and make sure that everyone knows the goal we’re aiming for, including myself. The trust issue is the biggest one for me. Hubristic or not, I really believe I work quicker than everyone on my team, and to a generally higher level of quality. When I say I need to trust others, I need to trust the value they bring to the project.

Then again, reading this many years from now, I hope to say that this is all very prideful. I hope that I value people more than I do now. That’s always a good thing.

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