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A Music Post

A few rablming thoughts, prepared hastily:

I really love music. There’s something about the tone and emotion of a song that can really affect your reality. Music, to me, is more than just what you hear; you have to agree with what the artist is doing in order to enjoy it.

Put another way, when I’m in a really bad mood driving in rush hour, the last thing I want to listen to is classical music; it’s too calm. I don’t feel calm and can’t agree with what I’m listening to, so I subconsciously reject it. In a strange way, I find that listening to angry music calms me down, or at least I donít hate the music and the situation. When I am upset and listen to harsh music, like hard rock or mathematica, I find myself able to concentrate more on the music and less on whatís pissing me off.

Typically I need my music to help me concentrate or work, so Iím looking for music that fits that part of my life. So far, I donít know if thereís anything better than Explosions In The Sky, specifically the album ďThe Earth Is Not A Cold, Dead Place,Ē but the search continues. Itís a search that is its own reward.

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