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Online Owner’s Manuals

Great googly moogly, I get so fed up trying to find owner’s manuals when I really need them. I mean, honestly, if I kept the owner’s manual for every gadget I buy, I’d probably have to, like, file them away. It probably wouldn’t take too much space, thinking about it. Just a small filing cabnet would do.

But I don’t! I always think, “Well, I can always find it online.”  Wrong!  Wronger! Wrongest!

You have be a Google-fu master just to find a blurry, tiny scan of the owner’s manual you are looking for most of the time.  Thankfully I just found out about  While I’m sure they don’t have every single manual ever made, they do have thousands which is a good starting point. 

This post is more for myself in the future, when I’ll need to access owner’s manuals again. Because why should I store the darn things when it’s all online.

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